International Asylum Law Moot Court Competition

13th and 14th May 2010 oral rounds of the International Asylum Law Moot Court Competition was held in Trnava

Non-governmental organization The Human Rights League in cooperation with the Law Faculty of Trnava University and with a financial support of the UNHCR organized International Asylum Law Moot Court Competition 2010 for the students of asylum law clinics of the law faculties from the region of Central and Eastern Europe. By organizing the competition we followed the tradition founded in 2001 by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, which was interrupted two years ago. In 2008 Masaryk University in Brno in cooperation with SOZE organized the competition and there was no competition in 2009. This year’s oral rounds of the competition took place at the premises of the Faculty of Law of Trnava University in Trnava, the final round was held at the District Court in Trnava. The competition was held in English. 

The competition started in February 2010 and was composed of written and oral rounds. Students of asylum law clinics from Slovakia (Trnava University), Czech Republic (Masaryk University of Brno and Charles University of Prague), Poland (University of Warsaw) and Slovinia (University of Ljubljana) participated. Six teams competed in the oral rounds. The overall winner of the competition was the team of the Warsaw University (Joanna Wojewodzka a Marcin Stupak). The best score in the oral rounds acquired the team of the Charles University of Prague (Azra Čauševič a Eliška Frídlová).

We would like to warmly thank to the heads of the participating asylum law clinics and to the coaches of the competing teams. Special thanks belong to all the judges and asylum experts who evaluated either the written briefs or the oral pleadings.

As the written round judges participated: 

  • Agata Forys - Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Poland
  • Bianca Albu - Jesuit Refugee Service Romania
  • Katarína Galdunová - Bratislava School of Law, Slovakia
  • Nadina Morarescu - Fundatia Consiliul National Roman pentru Refugiati (CNRR), Bucharest
  • Nataša Hrnčárová - UNHCR Slovakia
  • Zuzana Števulová - The Human Rights League, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Valeria Ilareva - Legal Clinic for Refugees and Immigrants, Faculty of Law, Sofia University, Bulgaria

As the oral round judges participated:

  • Sebastiaan De Groot - President IARLJ, asylum judge Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Eamonn  Cahill - President European Chapter IARLJ, asylum judge Dublin, Ireland
  • Lucie Atkins - Central European University Budapest, Hungary
  • Peter Kresák - Head UNHCR Slovakia, Bratislava
  • Barbora Meššová - UNHCR Slovakia
  • Darina Macková - UNHCR Slovakia
  • Jaroslav Větrovský - Bratislava School of Law, Slovakia
  • Martin Škamla - The Human Rights League
  • Miroslava Mittelmannová - The Human Rights League

Thank you for a great competition! We appreciate your contribution and hard work!