Migration - residence

All of the HRL programs are sectionally specialized on foreign migration. The aim of the projects is, above all, to support the protection of the rights of the target group (depending on legal status). The HRL is in this program devoted to examine various areas of migration with emphases on legal aspects of the entry and the residence of foreigners. HRL in this program examines different areas of migration, with an emphasis on the legal aspects of entry and stay of aliens and tries to influence systemic and legislative changes in migration policies.

The project Legal Counselling for residence, citizenship and unaccompanied minors, and Online counselling, specializes on providing assistance in the area of immigration law and influencing the changes of legislation. Lawyers who work for HRL are responsible for providing effective individual and comprehensive legal assistance and advice to migrants who are legally residing in the territory of the Slovak Republic. In particular, the program is aimed on the care of unaccompanied minors and on finding durable solutions to their situation. We provide legal assistance to foreigners in matters of residence, acquisition of citizenship as well as other issues related to their stay in Slovakia. By providing practical information, advice and legal representation issues of migrants in their residence and citizenship, we gain valuable experience and information about  the operation of immigration law and practice.

We  cooperate and communicate with non-governmental organizations, state and local authorities and other involved parties on issues related to different areas of integration. We also participated in national and international professional events in the field of migration.