Integration of migrants

Objective of the Programme area focused on the integration of foreigners is to develop, promote and maintain our clients' individual integration into society and affect systemic and legislative changes in the field of integration policies.

We provide practical information, advice and legal representation in matters of migrants’ residence and citizenship. Clients can call us or send e-mail request for consultation. HRL also uses the findings and practical experience and contributes to the creation of integration policies and practices. We participate in commenting on amendments to immigration laws. In cooperation with the Center for Research on Ethnicity and Culture (CVEK) we are dedicated to promoting the integration of migrants on the local and national level. Information about common activity of CVEK and HRL can be found at

The main activities of HRL in integration are particularly management of legal advice for residence, citizenship and unaccompanied minors and Online counseling, as well as representing the interests of migrants in the legislation process. HRL Lawyers are responsible for providing effective individual and comprehensive legal assistance and advice to migrants legally residing in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Specifically the program focuses on the care of unaccompanied minors and to find durable solutions to their situation. Legal assistance to foreigners is provided in matters of residence, acquisition of citizenship as well as other issues related to their stay in Slovakia.

We engage and collaborate with other NGOs, state and local authorities and other stakeholders in issues related to different areas of integration. HRL also participates in national and international professional events and networks.

HRL is in integration of migrants systematically engaged since 2009, and our activities are mainly financed by the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals - Solidarity and management of migration flows.