Weekly update of HRL (24th to 28th July, 2017)

By Raphael Leung

Another fruitful week for the Human Rights League!

Important judgments on the so-called Dublin procedure

On Wednesday, the European Court of Justice published two important judgments, which refer to how the country's responsibility for examining an asylum application is determined by the so-called much of the Dublin regulation In Case C-670/16, the court concluded that the request for withdrawal must not be lodged later than 3 months after the person lodges an application for asylum and the Adam of that period may be relied upon by the applicant. You can read more about these important judgments through the links at the recommended readings list.

Preparation work for Integration Forum – In the progress

With our Integration Forum scheduled to be held in September, our colleagues from the Košice Office have been preoccupied in studying materials about social inclusion of migrants and refugees in some European countries. Indeed, access to work and to education of our client with asylum or subsidiary protection remain a huge challenge for all professionals in this area.

Court Business

            During the week, HRL has launched complains to the Supreme Court regarding the legality of the decisions made at lower courts. Injustice often lead to asylum-seekers waiting in dismay, particularly after they have left their war-torn home-country. Safeguarding the rule of law is of vital importance for not only our clients, but also the Slovak community at large as well. More updates to follow.

Justice DONE

            HRL is excited to announce that after two years of waiting, two of our clients have eventually been granted with subsidiary protection. Such success is not simply a matter of justice, but a matter of family re-unification after a prolonged timespan of waiting coupled with frustration and anxiety. May we congratulate them and wish them embarking on a happy life here in Slovakia. 

Visit to Detention Centre

This week, our lawyer Katka paid visit to the detention centre around Bratislava to greet the new arrivals from Syria and Iraq. More to follow later.

Job-searching for social integration

Our job coach Elena Teplanova visited our client from Pakistan in the remote Slovak village of Osuske. Mr. Khan is raising 4 daughters with his Slovak partner, but he could not find a job. Due to the fact that he has no documents, he can only be granted tolerated stay, which he has to prolong every six months and does not have any medical insurance. We are trying to help him to find a job and Elena was visiting him in order to find out what is the situation of the family. We hope he will find a stable job soon as his oldest daughter will enter high school in September and the family would need much more money to support her.

Country-of-origin Report – PUBLISHED!

            In respond to the potential presence of Turkish refugees to Slovakia, a country-of-origin report featuring Turkish situation has been published. Read it through to know more!

A farewell is necessary before we meet again – HRL bids farewell to interns from Hong Kong

            Time flies. After a fruitful and rewarding 2-month internship at HRL, our interns Raphael and Venisa have finally concluded their summer commitment with us. Throughout the internship, they have been invaluable assets to us for their effective and efficient work ranging from conducting legal analysis to preparing country-of-origin information reports – to name but a few, all these have been pivotal for our work and we truly are going to miss them. May we wish them all the best in their future endeavour!

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